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Full Featured:
  • Unlimited Tasks

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Dynamic Task Planning

  • Accurate Daily Status

  • Inhibitor Management

  • Dashboard Reporting

  • Lagility Method Academy Subscription

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All Team Features Plus:
  • 10 Team Subscriptions

  • Subscription Administration

  • Discounted Team Subscription

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Create and manage unlimited Tasks with clarity and precision.

Assign your Tasks to any of your Team members. You can invite as many members to your Team as you need. There is no limit to the Team you build, and members are not required to have a subscription—Team resources are FREE!

Use your dashboard instantly to see issues that need your attention now—no need to waste time sorting through details not requiring action.

Receive accurate Task status each day without having to chase it down. Know if there are any Inhibitors, what their impact is, and if there are risks on the horizon.

Experience confidence in responsible Team members that deliver Tasks ahead of schedule with the quality expected.

Learn the results driven Lagility Task Management Method at the Lagility Academy!


Team includes all of the features of the Professional subscription plus the power of Delegation.

Leverage your ability to manage large number of Tasks with confidence and ease by delegating Tasks & Projects to others. You retain full ownership, and the ability to monitor performance.

Delegate single, multiple, or an entire project of Tasks to another Task Manager. Delegations are simple to make, and simple to reassign, and leverage your time.


Enterprise provides the convenience of purchasing a group of “Team” level subscriptions.

10 Team Subscriptions are included, and an administration feature provides easy self-assignment and reassignment of the Team subscriptions.

The Enterprise subscription provides 25% discount on single Team subscription pricing.


Unlimited Tasks

Unlimited Team Members

Accurate Daily Status

Dynamic Task Planning

Dashboard Reporting

Inhibitor Management

Lagility Method Academy Subscription

Task Delegation


Project Delegation


Team Reporting


Discounted Team Subscriptions

10 Team Subscription


Subscription Administration


Common questions

Do I have to purchase a year in advance?

Not at all. Lagility-Tasks is a subscription-based service offered on a month-to-month basis. Fees are billed automatically each month.

Can I try the software first?

Yes, you can use the full featured Team subscription of Lagility-Tasks, and access to the Academy for 14 days for just $1!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, there are no lock-in contracts and you can cancel at any time. To cancel, simply go to the Helpdesk, or contact us via email at

Is Lagility-Tasks for me?

If you are ready to have your tasks delivered ahead of schedule, want reliable task status each day while eliminating schedule-breaking surprises-then Lagility-Tasks is right for you.

Does Lagility-Tasks offer support if I'm stuck?

Of course! After you register, you have access to the Lagility Academy where you will learn the Lagility Method and how to use Lagility-Tasks. At our Helpdesk you will find helpful articles in the Knowledge Base, Training Videos, Chat, and email support. 

What makes Lagility-Tasks unique, compared to other tools?

Lagility-Tasks is built from the ground up as a task management tool and uses the Lagility Method. This time-tested method is unique to Lagility-Tasks and is created specifically for those who delegate tasks to others.

Resources are Free!

That's right, you can add as many Team Member as you like to work your Tasks with no additional subscription fees.

  • Work Unlimited Tasks
  • Task Estimation
  • Communication Tool
  • Work Unlimited Tasks
  • Baseline Tracking
  • Baseline Tracking
  • Inhibitor Reporting
  • Status Reporting
  • Performance Dashboard

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