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Leadership is the Key to excellent Resource Performance

I work with project managers from countries all over the globe. I ask them: “what is the single largest challenge you are currently facing?”

The majority say their biggest problems come from the resources who work on their tasks. The issues that the project managers report vary and are many, but in all cases I find a lack of good leadership at the core of the problem.

I have worked with several outstanding project managers and I credit their performance to the fact that they are excellent leaders. They all have the ability to inspire others to follow their lead — including those that have authority over them.

They know how to effectively communicate what success is, encourage excellence, and place great value in others. They know how to guide others to success, while ensuring everyone is performing at their best. They also understand that true leadership is to serve those they lead.

Leadership skills are learned and take time to develop. Each manager has their own style and develops their own techniques.

When do you release your Tasks

Tasks need to be released at the correct time, to the proper resource, and be confirmed to be successful.

This article presents 3 essential steps that are needed — before the Tasks are started. 

1.    Task Scoping & Definition

The high-level work breakdown structure (WBS) created during the planning stage a of a project is usually sufficient to create preliminary task definitions.

After a preliminary definition is created, the next step is to have a resource, who is a good candidate for the task, confirm the Task definition.